Viva Rebel Rocks

Viva Rebel is proud to provide honest inspiration and encouragement for the modern-day badass.

Get the rocks. Join the club.

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Gratitude with Attitude

You know, sometimes traditional gratitude stones just don't cut it. When you’re super stressed or upset, holding a rock that says “Serenity” or “Dream” doesn’t usually help. Sometimes you just gotta swear that shit out!

Viva Rebel Rocks are designed to appease your inner badass with resonating words that are authentic and rebellious as your inner dialogue. When you can’t say it out loud, these rocks do the heavy lifting for you. Think of them as your secret little sidekicks – there for you anytime life calls for a good old-fashioned expletive. Rock on, bitches!

Quick & Dirty Details

  • Beautiful river rocks provide serenity and power whenever you need it

  • Extra-strength, fast-acting words on the front and a meditative lotus on the back*

  • Every rock is unique! Colors, shapes and sizes vary by nature’s design

  • Professional-grade polish that’s super shiny and smooth AF

  • Recommended use: Daily

*Some styles are plain on the reverse side.

More Sweet Deets

Viva Rebel Rocks

Travel Size

Measuring about 1-2.5 inches, they’re just the right size to hold in your hand or tuck in your pocket. Keep one in your car, purse, desk, nightstand, etc.

Viva Rebel Rocks


Viva Rebel Rocks are natural river rocks. Colors, shapes, and sizes vary because they’re crafted by Mother Earth herself, the Queen of all badasses.

Viva Rebel Rocks


Although women are the primary focus of our rebellious little community, rebel rocks are suitable for all genders and identities. Swear words are for everyone!

And they’re fucking awesome gifts!

Give one to your badass friends and family members; your BFF, spouse/partner, favorite co-worker, someone who needs a cheer up… Spread the love!